MBTK™ Standard

MβTK™ Mānuka Oil: Setting the Standard

Our Quality Mark: MβTK™

Our proprietary MβTK™ rating system and quality mark are your assurance of top-tier mānuka oil from New Zealand’s East Coast.

The MβTK™ rating signifies the percentage of mānuka β-triketones in the oil, directly correlating with its antimicrobial potency. For instance, MβTK™ 20+ denotes mānuka oil rich in β-triketones, with a minimum of 20% triketones.


What is MβTK™?

MβTK™ stands for Mānuka β-Triketone, a proprietary standard developed by Manuka Bioscience to ensure the highest quality and potency of Mānuka Oil. This standard represents our commitment to delivering a natural bioactive ingredient with proven antimicrobial benefits, derived specifically from the branch and leaf parts of the mānuka plant.

Our packaging proudly showcases a droplet graphic, symbolizing the minimum MBTK™ percentage concentration, precisely determined through rigorous analysis.

Our MBTK™ grading system ensures unwavering consistency, expressing the total mānuka β-triketones as an exact percentage, meticulously quantified from GC-FID peak areas. Opting for an MBTK™ graded oil means you can trust it not only meets but often exceeds the indicated MBTK™ percentage.

Higher MBTK™ percentages equate to heightened potency, requiring lower concentrations to combat bacteria, showcasing the remarkable effectiveness of our product. Experience the extraordinary power that MBTK™ yields.

Why is MβTK™ Important?

MβTK™ is crucial because it directly correlates to the antibacterial activity of Mānuka Oil. Our stringent adherence to this standard guarantees that our Mānuka Oil contains optimal levels of β-triketones, the key bioactive compounds responsible for its remarkable antimicrobial properties.

Proudly produced through a natural steam distillation process without any chemicals, our MβTK™ 20+ Mānuka Oil maintains its purity and triketone levels. The 20+ triketone levels occur naturally, and our meticulous extraction process adheres to the highest industry standards. Certified COSMOS Natural, our product guarantees authenticity and quality.

What Sets MβTK™ Apart?

  • Uncompromising Quality: Our MβTK™ standard ensures that every batch of Mānuka Oil meets rigorous quality benchmarks, guaranteeing purity, potency, and effectiveness.
  • Scientific Validation: Extensive research and testing validate the efficacy of MβTK™ Mānuka Oil, providing confidence in its ability to address various skincare and wellness concerns.
  • Trusted Origin: Originating from the pristine East Cape region of New Zealand, our Mānuka Oil carries the legacy of centuries-old Māori wisdom and sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Ethical Sustainability: We prioritize environmental conservation and ethical sourcing, ensuring that our Mānuka Oil production aligns with principles of sustainability and responsibility.
  • Proven Results: Countless testimonials and clinical studies attest to the efficacy of MβTK™ Mānuka Oil in promoting healthier skin, combating microbial threats, and enhancing overall well-being.

Discover the Power of MβTK™

Our dedication to transparency and quality is central to everything we do, embodied by the MBTK™ grading system. This system provides insight into the concentration of mānuka β-triketones in our products. MBTK™, representing natural mānuka oil β-triketones, precisely indicates the percentage of these potent bioactive compounds in our Mānuka Oil formulations.

To gauge the potency of MβTK™ Mānuka Oil, seek out the MBTK™ quality mark on product labels or descriptions. This mark assures excellence, highlighting the unparalleled potency of New Zealand mānuka essential oil in its purest and most effective form.

By selecting MβTK™, you’re not merely choosing a premium natural ingredient; you’re embracing a standard deeply rooted in tradition, science, and sustainability. Experience the transformative benefits of MβTK™ and unleash the full potential of nature for radiant skin and holistic well-being.




Enhance your skincare, personal care, and wellness formulations with the exceptional quality of MβTK™ Mānuka Oil.